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A designer at heart, I love to build products, services and businesses for social impact.
Artwork: Souradeep Ghosh

Okay, so the other day I was watching a series of videos on YouTube about misheard lyrics and other fun stuff. You should check it out! Indian comedian Hoezaay also does a few of them.

There’s an outstanding science behind it and if you are in any way interested…

How do you plan to open schools post COVID19? These are strange times. Parents are confused and schools are re-orienting themselves regularly to reach out to their students every day.

If you are a teacher, principal or a school trustee, this piece may come handy. Starting early is a key…

It was around 10:30 am and the sun had not come out yet. The road across my hotel was full of cars and all stuck in a traffic jam. …

All illustrations: Souradeep Ghosh

Our Footprints for the Future

On the New Year’s Eve in 2018, I went to Shimla. Yes, the summer capital of British India. For transport, we took the famous narrow-gauge railway and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kalka — Shimla toy train. We crawled across the curves of the mountains and…

All illustrations: Souradeep Ghosh

The Paradox of Human Error and Falsely Blaming Oneself

My friend very recently had to travel back to her home and shared how she booked the wrong train seats. I asked how that happened. She explained that she is very forgetful about these things and it happens every time she…

Source: John Byrne (comics), Marvel (animation), Gameloft (Spiderman Unlimited)

Hierarchy of information in any visual design has always excited me. Especially, when it comes to designing interactive spaces. The human eye’s natural movement tend to hunt for a flow whether it’s comics, storybooks or even colouring books. …

Souradeep Ghosh

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